Escort Women, Unique Facts That They Hide

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Escort women in the night world are, of course, two things that cannot be separated. For those of you who often come to nightclubs, you must be familiar with this one term. Indeed, evening entertainment is a much sought after choice when someone needs something that can get rid of fatigue in the heart. Sometimes entertainment in the form of music and glitter in it is not enough. In fact, some media reveal the existence of these escort women. Although not openly, it is believed to still be there. In fact, not only in the past, but until now it is still ongoing.

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The Reality Of The Escort Women

Escort Women, Unique Facts That They Hide

Of course it is necessary to know what the reality is like. What do those who undergo this profession feel? Of course this is not an easy thing. Because basically it is indeed, their lives in the night world are not clearly disclosed. Here’s a list of these realities:

– First, escort women must have high resistance to the challenges that exist in nightlife. A simple example is having good stamina even though you don’t rest at night. The reason is, some customers may want to be accompanied from 1 am – 3 am. You can imagine how the struggle felt.

Escort Women, Unique Facts That They Hide

– Second, the female entertainer must also face any character, physical form, and appearance of her customers. The problem is, not all of these customers also have good looks. Even the majority are perfunctory and mediocre. Is anyone as handsome as a famous artist or model? Maybe, but rarely.

– Third, escort women will also experience violence that comes from external parties, it could be the environment, local security officers, and so on. All of that will certainly provide its own challenges that you have to face or not.

Escort Women, Unique Facts That They Hide

– Fourth, the expenses that must be spent to undergo the profession of escort women are also not small. There are costs for make up, maintenance, rent, and so on. Of course the money needed for savings or business capital will be increasingly depleted.

The Facts Of Entertainer Women Abroad

Escort Women, Unique Facts That They Hide

Of course this kind of entertainment is also quite well known abroad and has a different side. Let’s take an example like the life of escort women in Japan. You can see the full picture as follows:

1. The term “escort women” is referred to as female artist or Oiran, which it has been going on since the Edo Empire 1600 – 1868. They were even able to achieve the highest social status, because of their value as female artists.

2. The value meant here is how they have extraordinary beauty, artistic skills, and high education. You could say that as entertainers, they are in a fairly elite class.

Escort Women, Unique Facts That They Hide

3. Some high-ranking officials and important people in Japan at that time even used this female artist.

Those are some things about escort women facts that you need to know. However, this phenomenon has been around for a long time. This could also happen because biological needs are the main thing in human life itself. This is what then makes the existence of this profession remain fertile as if it is not bound by changes in the age of any model. There are always those who seek and need them.

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