Pattaya Nightlife, Is It Really Entertaining?

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Pattaya nightlife offers a wide variety of options and facilities that both local and foreign travelers need. As is well known, Pattaya is a city located near the bay of Thailand. This is where you will also be spoiled with a very extraordinary beach view. It can be said that Pattaya is like Thailand’s Bali, although there are some specific differences. Behind the beauty that exists in this one place, of course there are a lot of things that you need to know. Consider the following facts:

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Rampant Prostitution

Pattaya Nightlife, Is It Really Entertaining?

This is what makes Pattaya nightlife to be called a man’s paradise. How could I not, there is a lot of rampant sex industry. In fact, according to a source, it was reported that the prostitution services available at the Pattaya nightlife had reached more than 27 thousand. A figure which is certainly very fantastic. Other media also mentioned that one in five people in Pattaya are prostitutes. Some places that are often infiltrated by prostitution services include massage places, night clubs, saunas, star hotels, and so on.

Tourists Must Be Able To Take Care Of Themselves

Pattaya Nightlife, Is It Really Entertaining?

One thing is for sure when deciding to be in the Pattaya nightlife, you need to be able to take good care of yourself. As in other countries, criminal acts will definitely still exist. It even has a significant amount. Tourists not only have to take good care of their belongings, but also be able to look after themselves. A number of bars or nightclubs are predicted to be the right places for the perpetrators to launch their actions. One media outlet even mentioned that anesthesia and robbery could potentially occur if the visitors were careless.

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There Is A Place For Gay Community

Pattaya Nightlife, Is It Really Entertaining?

Pattaya nightlife is also not free from other unique things, one of which is the place for Gay people. One of the Red Light District of Pattaya which is famous for being a hotbed of Gays is Boyztown. This place, which has been established since the 80s, is indeed not so foreign to local residents. The reason is, Boyztown presents a lot of entertainment and features in it. For tourists who want to get this kind of life option, there are bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. that can be visited. But of course with the risks and consequences that must be prepared to face.

The Disastrous Drunk

Pattaya Nightlife, Is It Really Entertaining?

From drunkenness, then to disaster. Of course this is something that should be avoided when visiting Pattaya. The reason is, here the motorcycle accident rate is quite high. In fact, two motorbike accidents involving drunken tourists are usually involved. This happens due to the influence of alcoholic beverages and also illegal drugs. In addition, the convenience of renting an automatic vehicle or scooter as a cheap and safe mode of transportation increases this percentage. Especially if the tourist is not careful and gets too carried away by Euphoria in it, they tend to do something carelessly.

Death Rate Due To Suicide Of Tourists

Pattaya Nightlife, Is It Really Entertaining?

Another thing in Pattaya nightlife to watch for is the high death rate by tourists due to suicide. The average suicide is committed by jumping from the roof of a tall building. The cause is also difficult to know. This is because the tourist himself has died without revealing or giving any clues. It is suspected that a hedonistic and glamorous lifestyle triggers these kinds of actions. There was even a colleague of the victim who said his friend committed suicide because he contracted AIDS.

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