Night Club In Jakarta As Best Place To Release Fatigue

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Night clubs in Jakarta never stop presenting something interesting for tourists. As one of the capitals, as well as the busiest and largest city in Indonesia, it is not so surprising that there are also many types of entertainment in it. Behind the traffic jam and also the hustle and bustle in it, there is always the right place to release fatigue. In fact, many young people come to this place to find the entertainment they need. Want to know what the options are? Check out the following list:

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1. Dragonfly

Night Club In Jakarta As Best Place To Release Fatigue

Dragonfly is claimed to be the mecca of all nightlife in the capital. This is clearly because the sparkling nightlife in it is so interesting and seductive. Not only that, Dragonfly also offers elegant music and lighting. There are even super delicious food and drinks available.

2. Jenja Jakarta

Night Club In Jakarta As Best Place To Release Fatigue

You can also see directly the night club in Jakarta in this one place. Jenja also has a network based in Bali. Because of its popularity, it is not surprising that you will find many tourists when entering this place which is located on Jalan Cilandak Town Square.

3. Immigrant

Night Club In Jakarta As Best Place To Release Fatigue

One of the nightclub options in Jakarta that is visited by many Caucasians. It is located right in Plaza Indonesia. This is a special place for the rich. Still, you don’t need to worry because it will all be balanced with adequate facilities and also a variety of pleasant music.

4. Colosseum Night Club In Jakarta

Night Club In Jakarta As Best Place To Release Fatigue

There is so much competition for night clubs in Jakarta that club owners must be able to create a different atmosphere, one of which is in Colossem. Here there are various music parties such as EDM, Top 40, and so on. There are also karaoke facilities that will give satisfaction for those of you who want to sing your favorite songs.

5. Velvet Jakarta

This has become one of the most popular icons in Jakarta because it is visited by many young people and professional executives. You can enjoy a wide variety of delicious food and drinks while following the rhythm of the music in it.

Some Things You Need To Prepare Before Going To The Night Club

Night Club In Jakarta As Best Place To Release Fatigue

Which of the above choices of night club places in Jakarta have you visited? Of course, there are several things that need to be considered before visiting these places, including the following:

– Make sure to check the entrance ticket price first. For some Elite class nightclubs you have to prepare at least IDR 200,000, or even more.

– When you enter, of course you can use the various facilities available in it, starting from Wi-Fi, Mini Gazebo, Smoking Area, and so on.

– Also pay attention to the opening hours so you don’t get it wrong. Besides that, also check what events are currently happening. On average, nightlife spots are open from 10pm to 2am. But some have been open since 10 am.

Don’t forget that you also have to prepare the best makeup when it comes to this place. Who knows, in the future, you will be able to find your crush in this place, especially for those who are still single. One thing is for sure, don’t get too drunk for those who drink alcoholic beverages. Bring a friend or best friend if necessary.

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