DJ Nina Kraviz From Dentist To Entertainer

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DJ Nina Kraviz is a very special and famous person. Her work as a Disk Jockey is certainly familiar. This is clearly because she is a DJ, singer and music player from Russia. From here, you can see that she is a person who is really serious in carrying out her work as a Female Disk Jockey herself. This is where she is finally able to become a figure that is truly recognized by various circles.

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Starting her Career As A Dentist, Then Swerved To Become A DJ

There is an interesting thing done by this DJ Nina Kraviz, namely that she started her career as a dentist before finally turning to become a disk jockey. Of course this is something very interesting to have. Because in practice, she was finally able to show that she was a multi-talented person and also a Fast Learner. This is what then made her name even more known in various circles. It is also what gives him a very special popularity.

Then, the question that definitely comes to your mind is, what kind of album has she made? Of course there are many. Various albums that have been made include Nina Kraviz. This shows that she is really serious about her career as a DJ. Surely this really makes him something very special and extraordinary. It is no wonder that in the end she was able to show her talent as a very talented figure.

One of the famous works of which is Pain in the ass, I am week, ghetto kraviz, and so on. Of course, her works have won awards as the best works ever made. This also makes the work a masterpiece of what she has created. This is what also makes her success and popularity skyrocket. This is what really is very attractive and special it has.

She has also started her own record label since 2014. The record label has really become a place for him to create various other masterpieces which are of course very interesting and special. Of course fans are looking forward to the work of the Disk Jockey who continues to work until now.

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DJ Nina Kraviz From Dentist To Entertainer
DJ Nina Kraviz From Dentist To Entertainer
DJ Nina Kraviz From Dentist To Entertainer
DJ Nina Kraviz From Dentist To Entertainer
DJ Nina Kraviz From Dentist To Entertainer

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